Boutique Qualitative
research agency.
We are passionate about unearthing insights to deliver strategic and actionable recommendations.

We conduct qualitative research in the US and across the world.

We are driven by a desire to understand cultures and people and provide our clients with a depth of knowledge and understanding built through years of research.

We have an arsenal of methodologies
which we tailor to different project needs.

From alternative recruitment methods, to interactive digital pre-session tasks, from creative facilitation, to the use of projective techniques specifically designed to tap into the more subconscious beliefs and desires.

We specialize in International Research and have been doing so for over 20 years. We work with boutique agencies hand picked across the world and work solely with senior moderators.


We look for insights that can get us to a deeper understanding of consumer behavior.


Silvia Fassi set up the agency in Northern California, after having worked in London specializing in International Qualitative Research. She works for Fortune 500 companies across product categories.

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She was born and raised in Italy in a bi-cultural family and has always been fascinated by cultural similarities and differences and how they play out in people’s decisions and at the level of the subconscious.

After getting a Masters in Social and Political Theory from Cambridge University, Silvia pursued her interest in cultures and applied it to qualitative research. Having lived in Italy, the UK, the US, Germany and France, analyzing cultures and behaviours is her passion.

Her focus is to bring market understanding and relevant insights to clients to help inform strategic decision through actionable recommendations…whether it is about re-branding in healthcare or new category development in CPGs.

Silvia works with a number of senior partners domestically and internationally, her model is that of partnering with senior professionals to ensure that clients get the best quality of thinking on their projects.


We work closely with our clients at all stages of projects, since we believe that the best work comes from strong partnerships.

Attending Research

We personally attend the research, and explore the local context beyond the consumers to understand the cultural parameters within which consumers exist.

Selected Boutique Agencies

We work with boutique agencies hand picked across the world, and work solely with senior moderators.

World-wide Network

We have long standing relationships with agencies across all continents: from Shanghai to Mumbai, from Milan to Moscow, from Jakarta to Beijing, from Berlin to London, from New York to Sydney.

US Research

We conduct the research ourselves across the US, partnering with carefully chosen recruiters and venues.

Planning Projects

We design each project as a new path to discovery - no cookie cutter approach.

Bringing findings to life

We bring the findings to life in a variety of ways: from videos to interactive presentation depending on the project.


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